Parkhotel Igls – history in brief

    • built in 1905
    • a hotel since 1959
    • FX Mayr health retreat 1993
    • €8 million investment for complete renovation and substantial extension in 2009, reopening as Health Retreat Parkhotel Igls
    • operator: Gesundheitszentrum Igls GmbH
      MD Mag. Andrea Gnägi

    The first part of the building was completed in 1905. Because Igls was an officially designated health resort during Emperor Franz Joseph‘s reign, a sanatorium was added in 1908. A grand establishment, the brochures of the period between 1918 and 1930 described it as a physico-dietary sanatorium of great quality:

    ‚The hotel-sanatorium Igls is not a clinical institution for the seriously ill, but a fine middleclass family hotel with physicians, affiliated spa and bathhouse, and an outstanding diet cuisine.‘

    Around 1945
    During the Second World War, the building was first used to house evacuees from South Tyrol, and then became a convalescent home for mothers and children. From 1945 until 1955, French occupying forces resided in the building, although homeless people were also found shelter there during the post-war years. After Austria was re-established as an independent state, the somewhat dilapidated former sanatorium served as a guesthouse for a while.

    In 1959 Hertha Balzar and her husband, the physician Dr Egon Balzar, took over the building. Their intention had been to turn it back into a sanatorium, but the sudden death of Dr. Balzar put an end to their plans. Instead, the old building (which boasted neither central heating nor baths) was systematically upgraded into a 90-bed, premium hotel with individually decorated rooms and apartments, as well as an indoor rooftop pool, tennis courts, restaurants, and a substantial park.

    In the early 90s, Hertha Balzar‘s nephew Dr Stephan Beck took over the Parkhotel and carried out his aunt‘s vision - the establishment of a ‚sanatorium‘. Together with Dr Martin Winkler, he founded the ‚Kurzentrum Parkhotel Igls‘ thereby reinstating health as the hotel‘s central focus. The medical facilities were integrated in the newly constructed east wing. The Parkhotel Igls found an experienced medical director in Dr Martin Winkler, and he and his team set about applying Dr Franz Xaver Mayr‘s successful medical diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

    In the mid-90s an operating company took over the Parkhotel and rebranded it as the ‚F. X. Mayr-Zentrum Parkhotel Igls‘. During the course of a two-month renovation project, much of the Parkhotel Igls was refurbished, and many of the windows, bathrooms and sanitary facilities were replaced. The focus was not on creating a spectacular redesign, but on sophisticated renewal to provide guests with every conceivable comfort.

    As a result of the continually developing medical findings based on the Dr F.X. Mayr method, the hotel was renamed ‚Parkhotel Igls - Centre of Modern Mayr Medicine‘.

    The Parkhotel was closed for six months of extensive reconstruction and extension works. The indoor pool was relocated from the 3rd floor to a purposebuilt extension in the grounds. The 3rd floor today houses the panoramic gym, and luxurious rooms and suites now grace the top floor. The medical department was expanded and can now be accessed by wheelchair from the hotel wing‘s top floor. An underground car park was also added to the complex, which reopened as the Parkhotel Igls – Health is Central.

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