Exercise – the best medicine

Professionally supported fitness

Exercise is an integral part of our Modern Mayr Medicine concept at Parkhotel Igls. A suitable exercise programme is a vital component for physical and mental equilibrium. Just 20 minutes exercise per day is sufficient to build up long-term physical and mental resources. Appropriate sport & exercise therapies strengthen the metabolism and help to reduce excessive deposits.

Group exercise
Qualified health & fitness coaches are responsible for all exercise programmes throughout the Health Retreat, including morning exercises, abdominal & back training, Jacobson training, meditative relaxation, stretching, spinal exercises, yoga, pilates, fat burners, aqua  aerobics, Kybun-running technique or pulse control cardiovascular training.

Exercise with a personal trainer
Our personal trainers offer the added opportunity to work on your particular weakness: subject to your personal constitution an individual exercise programme is put together and you will learn how to re-establish impaired movement functions, thereby constantly increasing your body’s resilience and strength. Doing the right exercise and having fun with it will influence your long term healthy life style.


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