Mayr as a pioneer of preventive medicine


Early in the 20th century, the Austrian doctor and scientist Franz Xaver Mayr developed a therapy which was to rewrite the concept of conventional preventive medicine. His theory was based on the recognition that modern civilisation illnesses could increasingly be traced to the digestive system. In his time Dr Mayr became a western world leader in dietetics and therapeutic fasting, he is recognised to be the pioneer for natural preventive medicine.

The Modern Mayr Medicine holistic concept leading to early diagnosis and preventive measures is supported by six all important steps: care, cleansing, training, exercise, substitution of nutritional supplements and guided self-discovery. Apart from obvious risk factors such as hypertension and obesity the holistic approach also identifies organ malfunction. It is proven fact that a healthier and acutely conscious life is achievable through inner cleansing and the elimination of risk factors.

Our experienced and skilled team of doctors, medically trained massage therapists, medical bath attendants, physiotherapists, sports scientists, health & movement coach and psychologist as well as our close co-operation with consultant specialists at the University Hospital Innsbruck covers all aspects of health care, psychology and prevention.


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