Comprehensive diagnostics

Fight the cause – not the symptoms

It is recognised that 80% of all illnesses are connected to inappropriate diet and lack of exercise. The Modern Mayr Medicine does not merely treat the symptoms of an illness, but rather the causes and as such it seeks to restore optimal health. Over the last decades the traditional Mayr diagnostics have expanded and evolved considerably, using both conventional and complementary medical techniques. The currently employed diagnostics are entirely in line with latest medical science. The treatment concept provides preventive medical care at the highest level through an all-inclusive Diagnostic module. Here, the main organisms’ functions undergo extensive laboratory diagnostics with the help of latest equipment, they are studied and analysed according to latest scientific knowledge - hence risk factors can be detected and identified early.For purposes of additional assessment the Parkhotel Igls works in conjunction and close cooperation with doctors at the University Hospital Innsbruck.

Comprehensive diagnostics module: Super Medical Check


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